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  • Moderately Discontinuous Algebraic Topology for Metric Subanalytic Germs 

    Heinze S. (2019-10-31)
    We have developed both a homology theory and a homotopy theory in the context of metric subanalytic germs (see Definition 2.1). The former is called MD homology and is covered in Chapter 2, which contains a paper that is ...
  • Hydrodynamic identification of NAUTILUS FOWT platform from small scale tests 

    Galván J.; Sánchez-Lara M.; Garrido-Mendoza C.; Pérez-Morán G.; Boulluec M.L.; Augier B.; Rodriguez-Arias R.; Nava V. (2019)
    A small-scale tank test campaign of the NAUTILUS offshore wind floating semisub-mersible platform was held at the Ifremer Deep Water Basin within the framework of the MaRINET 2 project. The support structure consists in ...
  • Mooring system monitoring of offshore renewable energy floating platforms 

    Touzon I.; Garcia-Corcuera A.; Nava V.; Rodriguez-Arias R.; de Miguel B. (2019)
    An appropriate schedule of the operations for the maintenance (both long and short term) of offshore renewable energy devices can be a crucial key factor for assessing the economic viability of marine energy projects. ...
  • Advanced Mathematical Modelling of Pancreatic β-Cells 

    Marinelli I. (2019-12-10)
    Insulin-secreting pancreatic $\beta$-cells are responsible for maintaining the whole body glucose homeostasis. Dysfunction or loss of $\beta$-cell mass results in impaired insulin secretion and, in some cases, diabetes. ...
  • Flow with $A_\infty(\mathbb R)$ density and transport equation in $\mathrm{BMO}(\mathbb R)$ 

    Jiang R.; Li K.; Xiao J. (Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, 2019-11)
    We show that, if $b\in L^1(0,T;L^1_{\rm {loc}}(\mathbb R))$ has spatial derivative in the John-Nirenberg space ${\rm{BMO}}(\mathbb R)$, then it generates a unique flow $\phi(t,\cdot)$ which has an $A_\infty(\mathbb R)$ ...

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