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  • Improved A1 − A∞ and related estimates for commutators of rough singular integrals 

    Rivera-Ríos I.P. (Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 2017)
    An $A_1-A_\infty$ estimate improving a previous result in [22] for $[b, T_\Omega]$ with $\Omega\in L^\infty(S^{n-1})$ and $b\in BMO$ is obtained. Also a new result in terms of the $A_\infty$ constant and the one ...
  • Topology of Spaces of Valuations and Geometry of Singularities 

    de Felipe Ana B. (Transactions of the AMS - American Mathematical Society, 2017-11-11)
    Given an algebraic variety X defined over an algebraically closed field, we study the space RZ(X,x) consisting of all the valuations of the function field of X which are centered in a closed point x of X. We concentrate ...
  • A system for airport weather forecasting based on circular regression trees 

    Rozas-Larrondo P.; Inza I.; Lozano J.A. (Environmental Modelling & Software, 2017-11-01)
    This paper describes a suite of tools and a model for improving the accuracy of airport weather forecasts produced by numerical weather prediction (NWP) products, by learning from the relationships between previously ...
  • Learning to classify software defects from crowds: a novel approach 

    Hernández-González J.; Rodríguez D.; Inza I.; Rachel H.; Lozano J.A. (Applied Soft Computing, 2017-11-01)
    In software engineering, associating each reported defect with a cate- gory allows, among many other things, for the appropriate allocation of resources. Although this classification task can be automated using stan- dard ...
  • A proof of the integral identity conjecture, II 

    Thuong L.Q. (Comptes Rendus Mathematique, 2017-10-31)
    In this note, using Cluckers-Loeser’s theory of motivic integration, we prove the integral identity conjecture with framework a localized Grothendieck ring of varieties over an arbitrary base field of characteristic zero.

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