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  • A numerical method for suspensions of articulated bodies in viscous flows 

    Balboa, F.Autoridad BCAM; Delmotte, B. (2022-09-01)
    An articulated body is defined as a finite number of rigid bodies connected by a set of arbitrary constraints that limit the relative motion between pairs of bodies. Such a general definition encompasses a wide variety of ...
  • Aeroacoustic Analysis of a Subsonic Jet using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method 

    Lindblad, D.; Sherwin, S.; Cantwell, C.; Lawrence, J.; Proença, A.; Moragues, M.Autoridad BCAM (2022)
    In this work, the open-source spectral/hp element framework Nektar++ ( is coupled with the Antares library ( to predict noise from a subsonic jet. Nektar++ uses the high-order ...
  • A General Framework Based on Walsh Decomposition for Combinatorial Optimization Problems 

    Unanue, I.; Merino, M.Autoridad BCAM; Lozano, J.A.Autoridad BCAM (2021-01-01)
    In this paper we pursue the use of the Fourier transform for a general analysis of combinatorial optimization problems. While combinatorial optimization problems are defined by means of different notions like weights in a ...
  • A mathematical analysis of EDAs with distance-based exponential models 

    Unanue, I.; Merino, M.Autoridad BCAM; Lozano, J.A.Autoridad BCAM (2022-09-01)
    Estimation of Distribution Algorithms have been successfully used to solve permutation-based Combinatorial Optimization Problems. In this case, the algorithms use probabilistic models specifically designed for codifying ...
  • Zindler-type hypersurfaces in R^4 

    Martinez-Maure, Y.; Rochera, D.Autoridad BCAM (2022-09-08)
    In this paper the definition of Zindler-type hypersurfaces is introduced in $\mathbb{R}^4$ as a generalization of planar Zindler curves. After recalling some properties of planar Zindler curves, it is shown that Zindler ...