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  • Convergence over fractals for the Schrödinger equation 

    Luca R.; Ponce-Vanegas F. (2021-01)
    We consider a fractal refinement of the Carleson problem for the Schrödinger equation, that is to identify the minimal regularity needed by the solutions to converge pointwise to their initial data almost everywhere with ...
  • Mathematical models for glioma growth and migration inside the brain 

    Conte M. (2021-01)
    Gliomas are the most prevalent, aggressive, and invasive subtype of primary brain tumors, characterized by rapid cell proliferation and great infiltration capacity. De- spite the advances of clinical research, these tumors ...
  • Rational approximation of P-wave kinematics — Part 2: Orhorhombic media 

    Abedi M.M. (Geophysics, 2020-09)
    Orthorhombic anisotropy is a modern standard for 3D seismic studies in complex geologic settings. Several seismic data processing methods and wave propagation modeling algorithms in orthorhombic media rely on phase-velocity, ...
  • A new acoustic assumption for orthorhombic media 

    Abedi M.M.; Stovas A. (Geophysical journal international, 2020-11)
    In exploration seismology, the acquisition, processing and inversion of P-wave data is a routine. However, in orthorhombic anisotropic media, the governing equations that describe the P-wave propagation are coupled with ...
  • Migration in Multi-Population Differential Evolution for Many Objective Optimization 

    Rakshit P.; Chowdhury A.; Konar A.; Nagar A.K. (2020 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2020)
    The paper proposes a novel extension of many objective optimization using differential evolution (MaODE). MaODE solves a many objective optimization (MaOO) problem by parallel optimization of individual objectives. MaODE ...

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