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  • Bayesian approach to inverse scattering with topological priors 

    Carpio A.; Iakunin S.; Stadler G. (Inverse Problems, 2020)
    We propose a Bayesian inference framework to estimate uncertainties in inverse scattering problems. Given the observed data, the forward model and their uncertainties, we find the posterior distribution over a finite ...
  • The Schrödinger equation and Uncertainty Principles 

    Aguirre M. (2020-09)
    The main task of this thesis is the analysis of the initial data u0 of Schrödinger’s initial value problem in order to determine certain properties of its dynamical evolution. First we consider the elliptic Schrödinger ...
  • The observational limit of wave packets with noisy measurements 

    Caro P.; Meroño C. (2019)
    The authors consider the problem of recovering an observable from certain measurements containing random errors. The observable is given by a pseudodifferential operator while the random errors are generated by a Gaussian ...
  • Scattering with critically-singular and δ-shell potentials 

    Caro P.; García A. (2019)
    The authors consider a scattering problem for electric potentials that have a component which is critically singular in the sense of Lebesgue spaces, and a component given by a measure supported on a compact Lipschitz ...
  • Topics in Harmonic Analysis; commutators and directional singular integrals 

    Accomazzo N. (2020-03-01)
    This dissertation focuses on two main topics: commutators and maximal directional operators. Our first topic will also distinguish between two cases: commutators of singular integral operators and BMO functions and ...

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