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  • Exact distributions of the maximum and range of random diffusivity processes 

    Grebenkov, D. S.; Sposini, V.; Metzler, R.; Oshanin, G.; Seno, F. (2021-02-09)
    We study the extremal properties of a stochastic process $x_t$ defined by the Langevin equation ${\dot {x}}_{t}=\sqrt{2{D}_{t}}\enspace {\xi }_{t}$, in which $\xi_t$ is a Gaussian white noise with zero mean and $D_t$ is a ...
  • On the symmetry of the Quadratic Assignment Problem through Elementary Landscape Decomposition 

    Benavides, X.; Ceberio, J.; Hernando, L. (2021-07)
    When designing meta-heuristic strategies to optimize the quadratic assignment problem (QAP), it is important to take into account the specific characteristics of the instance to be solved. One of the characteristics that ...
  • Geometry and tool motion planning for curvature adapted CNC machining 

    Barton, M.; Bizzarri, M.; Rist, F.; Sliusarenko, O.; Pottmann, H. (2021)
    CNC machining is the leading subtractive manufacturing technology. Although it is in use since decades, it is far from fully solved and still a rich source for challenging problems in geometric computing. We demonstrate ...
  • Fast Simulation of 2.5D LWD Resistivity Tools 

    Rodríguez-Rozas, A.; Pardo, D.; Torres-Verdín, C. (2017-06)
    As a first step towards the fast inversion of geophysical data, in this work we focus on the rapid simulations of 2.5D logging-while-drilling (LWD) borehole resistivity measurements. Given a commercial logging instrument ...
  • Exploring Gaps in DeepFool inSearch of More Effective Adversarial Perturbations 

    Vadillo, J.; Santana, R.; Lozano, J.A. (2021)
    Adversarial examples are inputs subtly perturbed to produce a wrong prediction in machine learning models, while remaining perceptually similar to the original input. To find adversarial examples, some attack strategies ...