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      Hytönen, T.; Li, K.; Sawyer, E. (2020)
      We prove that for certain positive operators T, such as the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function and fractional integrals, there is a constant D>1, depending only on the dimension n, such that the two weight norm inequality ...
    • Sparse bounds for maximal rough singular integrals via the Fourier transform 

      Di Plinio, F.; Hytönen, T.; Li, K. (2019-03-12)
      We prove a quantified sparse bound for the maximal truncations of convolution-type singular integrals with suitable Fourier decay of the kernel. Our result extends the sparse domination principle by Conde-Alonso, Culiuc, ...
    • Weak and strong $A_p$-$A_\infty$ estimates for square functions and related operators 

      Hytönen, T.; Li, K. (2017-07)
      We prove sharp weak and strong type weighted estimates for a class of dyadic operators that includes majorants of both standard singular integrals and square functions. Our main new result is the optimal bound $[w]_{A_p} ...