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    • On the positivity of solutions of systems of stochastic PDEs 

      Cresson, J.; Efendiev, M.A.; Sonner, S. (2013-12-31)
      We study the positivity of solutions of a class of semi-linear parabolic systems of stochastic partial differential equations by considering random approximations. For the family of random approximations we derive explicit ...
    • On the well-posedness of mathematical models for multicomponent biofilms 

      Sonner, S.; Efendiev, M.A.; Eberl, H.J. (2015-12-31)
      Bacterial biofilms are microbial depositions on immersed surfaces. Their mathematical description leads to degenerate diffusion-reaction equations with two non-Fickian effects: (i) a porous medium equation like degeneracy ...