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    • The Experiment Data Depot: A Web-Based Software Tool for Biological Experimental Data Storage, Sharing, and Visualization 

      Morrell, W.C.; Birkel, G.W.; Forrer, M.; Lopez, T.; Backman, T.W.H.; Dussault, M.; Petzold, C.J.; Baidoo, E.E.K.; Costello, Z.; Ando, D.; Alonso-Gutierrez, J.; George, K.W.; Mukhopadhyay, A.; Vaino, I.; Keasling, J.D.; Adams, P.D.; Hillson, N.J.; Garcia-Martin, H. (2017-09-30)
      Although recent advances in synthetic biology allow us to produce biological designs more efficiently than ever, our ability to predict the end result of these designs is still nascent. Predictive models require large ...
    • Flux-Enabled Exploration of the Role of Sip1 in Galactose Yeast Metabolism 

      Shymansky, C.M.; Wang, G.; Baidoo, E.E.K.; Gin, J.; Apel, A.R.; Mukhopadhyay, A.; Garcia-Martin, H.; Keasling, J.D. (2017-05-31)
      13C metabolic flux analysis (13C MFA) is an important systems biology technique that has been used to investigate microbial metabolism for decades. The heterotrimer Snf1 kinase complex plays a key role in the preference ...
    • The JBEI quantitative metabolic modeling library (jQMM): a python library for modeling microbial metabolism 

      Birkel, G.W.; Ghosh, A.; Kumar, V.S.; Weaver, D.; Ando, D.; Backman, T.W.H.; Arkin, A.P.; Keasling, J.D.; Garcia-Martin, H. (2017-01-01)
      Modeling of microbial metabolism is a topic of growing importance in biotechnology. Mathematical modeling helps provide a mechanistic understanding for the studied process, separating the main drivers from the circumstantial ...