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    • Targeting Infectious Agents as a Therapeutic Strategy in Alzheimer’s Disease 

      Fülöp, T.; Munawara, U.; Larbi, A.; Desroches, M.; Rodrigues, S.; Catanzaro, M.; Guidolin, A.; Khalil, A.; Bernier, F.; Barron, A.E.; Hirokawa, K.; Beauregard, P.B.; Dumoulin, D.; Bellenger, J.-P.; Witkowski, J.M.; Frost, E. (2020-05-26)
      Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most prevalent dementia in the world. Its cause(s) are presently largely unknown. The most common explanation for AD, now, is the amyloid cascade hypothesis, which states that the cause of ...
    • Why we should use topological data analysis in ageing: Towards defining the “topological shape of ageing” 

      Fülöp, T.; Desroches, M.; Cohen, A.; Santos, F.A.N.; Rodrigues, S. (2020-10-27)
      Living systems are subject to the arrow of time; from birth, they undergo complex transformations (self-organization) in a constant battle for survival, but inevitably ageing and disease trap them to death. Can ageing be ...