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    • Generalized Nash equilibria for SaaS/PaaS Clouds 

      Anselmi J.; Ardagna D.; Passacantando M. (European Journal of Operational Research, 2014-12-31)
      Cloud computing is an emerging technology that allows to access computing resources on a pay-per-use basis. The main challenges in this area are the efficient performance management and the energy costs minimization. In ...
    • Non-cooperative Equilibria of Fermi Systems With Long Range Interactions 

      Bru J.-B.; de Siqueira Pedra W. (Memoirs of the AMS, 2013-07)
      We define a Banach space $\mathcal{M}_{1}$ of models for fermions or quantum spins in the lattice with long range interactions and explicit the structure of (generalized) equilibrium states for any $\mathfrak{m}\in ...