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    • Automatic fitting of conical envelopes to free-form surfaces for flank CNC machining 

      Bo P.; Bartoň M.; Pottmann H. (Computer Aided Design, 2017-10)
      We propose a new algorithm to detect patches of free-form surfaces that can be well approximated by envelopes of a rotational cone under a rigid body motion. These conical envelopes are a preferable choice from the ...
    • Highly-accurate 5-axis flank CNC machining with conical tools 

      Calleja A.; Bo P.; González H.; Bartoň M.; Lopez de Lacalle N. (The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2018-04)
      A new method for $5$-axis flank computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining using a predefined set of tappered ball-end-mill tools (aka conical) cutters is proposed. The space of lines that admit tangential motion of ...