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    • Asymptotic behaviour of neuron population models structured by elapsed-time 

      Cañizo, J.A.; Yoldas, H. (2019-01-04)
      We study two population models describing the dynamics of interacting neurons, initially proposed by Pakdaman et al (2010 Nonlinearity 23 55–75) and Pakdaman et al (2014 J. Math. Neurosci. 4 1–26). In the first model, the ...
    • Hypocoercivity of linear kinetic equations via Harris's Theorem 

      Cañizo, J.A.; Cao, C.; Evans, J.; Yoldas, H. (2019-02-27)
      We study convergence to equilibrium of the linear relaxation Boltzmann (also known as linear BGK) and the linear Boltzmann equations either on the torus $(x,v) \in \mathbb{T}^d \times \mathbb{R}^d$ or on the whole ...