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    • Maximal estimates for a generalized spherical mean Radon transform acting on radial functions 

      Ciaurri Ó.; Nowak, A.; Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM (2020)
      We study a generalized spherical means operator, viz.\ generalized spherical mean Radon transform, acting on radial functions. As the main results, we find conditions for the associated maximal operator and its local ...
    • Maximal operators on the infinite-dimensional torus 

      Roncal, Luz; Kosz, D.; Martínez-Perales, J.; Paternostro, V.; Rela, E.; Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM (2022-03-31)
      We study maximal operators related to bases on the infinite-dimensional torus $\tom$. {For the normalized Haar measure $dx$ on $\mathbb{T}^\omega$ it is known that $M^{\mathcal{R}_0}$, the maximal operator associated with ...