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    • Uncertainty on radiation doses estimated by biological and retrospective physical methods 

      Ainsbury, E.A.; Samaga, D.; Della Monaca, S.; Marrale, M.; Bassinet, C.; Burbidge, C.I.; Correcher, V.; Discher, M.; Eakins, J.; Fattibene, P.; Güçlü, İ.; Higueras, M.; Lund, E.; Maltar-Strmečki, N.; McKeever, S.; Rääf, C.L.; Sholom, S.; Veronese, I.; Wieser, A.; Woda, C.; Trompier, F. (2017-09-18)
      Biological and physical retrospective dosimetry are recognised as key techniques to provide individual estimates of dose following unplanned exposures to ionising radiation. Whilst there has been a relatively large amount ...