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    • Fitting the data from embryo implantation prediction: Learning from label proportions 

      Hernández-González, J.; Inza, I.; Crisol-Ortíz, L.; Guembe, M.A.; Iñarra, M.J.; Lozano, J.A.Autoridad BCAM (2016-01-01)
      Machine learning techniques have been previously used to assist clinicians to select embryos for human-assisted reproduction. This work aims to show how an appropriate modeling of the problem can contribute to improve ...
    • Optimization of deep learning precipitation models using categorical binary metrics 

      Larraondo, P.R.; Renzullo, L.J.; Van Dijk, A.I.J.M.; Inza, I.; Lozano, J.A.Autoridad BCAM (2020)
      This work introduces a methodology for optimizing neural network models using a combination of continuous and categorical binary indices in the context of precipitation forecasting. Probability of detection or false alarm ...
    • Soft range information for network localization 

      Mazuelas, S.Autoridad BCAM; Conti, A.; Allen, J.C.; Win, M.Z. (2018-06-15)
      The demand for accurate localization in complex environments continues to increase despite the difficulty in extracting positional information from measurements. Conventional range-based localization approaches rely on ...