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    • The Experiment Data Depot: A Web-Based Software Tool for Biological Experimental Data Storage, Sharing, and Visualization 

      Morrell, W.C.; Birkel, G.W.; Forrer, M.; Lopez, T.; Backman, T.W.H.; Dussault, M.; Petzold, C.J.; Baidoo, E.E.K.; Costello, Z.; Ando, D.; Alonso-Gutierrez, J.; George, K.W.; Mukhopadhyay, A.; Vaino, I.; Keasling, J.D.; Adams, P.D.; Hillson, N.J.; Garcia-Martin, H. (2017-09-30)
      Although recent advances in synthetic biology allow us to produce biological designs more efficiently than ever, our ability to predict the end result of these designs is still nascent. Predictive models require large ...