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    • Numerical equilibrium analysis for structured consumer resource models 

      de Roos A.M.; Diekmann O.; Getto P.; Kirkilionis M.A. (Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2010-12-31)
      In this paper, we present methods for a numerical equilibrium and stability analysis for models of a size structured population competing for an unstructured resource. We concentrate on cases where two model parameters are ...
    • Stability analysis of a renewal equation for cell population dynamics with quiescence 

      Alarcon T.; Getto P.; Nakata Y. (SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 2014-12-31)
      We propose a model to analyze the dynamics of interacting proliferating and quiescent cell populations. The model includes age dependence of cell division, transitions between the two subpopulations, and regulation of the ...
    • Stability analysis of delayed SIR epidemic models with a class of nonlinear incidence rates 

      Enatsu Y.; Messina E.; Muroya Y.; Nakata Y.; Russo E.; Vecchio A. (Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2012-12-31)
      We analyze stability of equilibria for a delayed SIR epidemic model, in which population growth is subject to logistic growth in absence of disease, with a nonlinear incidence rate satisfying suitable monotonicity conditions. ...