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    • Chemoinformatic-guided engineering of polyketide synthases 

      Zargar, A.; Lal, R.; Valencia, L.; Wang, J.; Backman, T.; Cruz-Morales, P.; Kothari, A.; Werts, M.; Wong, A.; Bailey, C.; Loubat, A.; Liu, Y.; Benites, V.; Chang, S.; Hernández, A.; Barajas, J.; Thompson, M.; Barcelos, C.; Anayah, R.; Garcia Martin, H.; Mukhopadhyay, A.; Baidoo, E.; Katz, L.; Keasling, J. (2019)
      Polyketide synthase (PKS) engineering is an attractive method to generate new molecules such as commodity, fine and specialty chemicals. A central challenge in PKS design is replacing a partially reductive module with a ...
    • Predictive engineering and optimization of tryptophan metabolism in yeast through a combination of mechanistic and machine learning models 

      Zhang, J.; Petersen, S.; Radivojevic, T.; Ramirez, A.; Pérez, A.Autoridad BCAM; Abeliuk, E.; Sánchez, B.; Costello, Z.; Chen, Y.; Fero, M.; Garcia Martin, H.; Nielsen, J.; Keasling, J.; Jensen, M. (2019)
      In combination with advanced mechanistic modeling and the generation of high-quality multi-dimensional data sets, machine learning is becoming an integral part of understanding and engineering living systems. Here we show ...