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    • Brinicles as a case of inverse chemical gardens 

      Cartwright, J.H.E.; Escribano, B.; González, D.L.; Sainz-Díaz, C.I.; Tuval, I. (2013-12-31)
      Brinicles are hollow tubes of ice from centimeters to meters in length that form under floating sea ice in the polar oceans when dense, cold brine drains downward from sea ice to seawater close to its freezing point. When ...
    • Runaway electrification of friable self-replicating granular matter 

      Cartwright, J.H.E.; Escribano, B.; Grothe, H.; Piro, O.; Sainz-Díaz, C.I.; Tuval, I. (2013-12-31)
      We establish that the nonlinear dynamics of collisions between particles favors the charging of an insulating, friable, self-replicating granular material that undergoes nucleation, growth, and fission processes; we ...