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    • Wildfire propagation modelling 

      Pagnini, G.; Egorova, V.; Trucchia, A.; Mentrelli, A.; Kaur, I. (2018)
      Wildfires are a concrete problem with a strong impact on human life, property and the environment, because they cause disruption and are an important source of pollutants. Climate change and ...
    • Wildland fire propagation modeling: fire-spotting parametrisation and energy balance 

      Egorova, V.; Pagnini, G.; Trucchia, A. (2017-07-04)
      Present research concerns the physical background of a wild-fire propagation model based on the split of the front motion into two parts - drifting and fluctuating. The drifting part is solved by the level set method and ...
    • Wildland fire propagation modelling 

      Egorova, V.; Pagnini, G.; Trucchia, A. (2017-12)
      Wildfire propagation modelling is a challenging problem due to its complex multi-scale multi-physics nature. This process can be described by a reaction- diffusion equation based on the energy balance principle. Alternative ...