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    • A systematic method for building smooth controls for smooth data 

      Ervedoza, S.; Zuazua, E. (2010-12-31)
      We prove a regularity result for an abstract control problem z' = Az + Bv with initial datum z(0) = z0 in which the goal is to determine a control v such that z(T) = 0. Under standard admissibility and observability ...
    • Mode-independent H2-control of a DC motor modeled as a Markov jump linear system 

      Oliveira, R.C.L.F.; Vargas, A.N.; Val, J.B.R.D.; Peres, P.L.D. (2014-12-31)
      This brief presents a control strategy for Markov jump linear systems (MJLS) with no access to the Markov state (or mode). The controller is assumed to be in the linear state-feedback format and the aim of the control ...
    • Optimal shape and location of sensors or actuators in PDE models 

      Privat, Y.; Trélat, E.; Zuazua, E. (2014-12-31)
      We investigate the problem of optimizing the shape and location of sensors and actuators for evolution systems driven by distributed parameter systems or partial differential equations (PDE). We consider wave, Schrödinger ...