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    • Generalized Poincaré-Sobolev inequalities 

      Martínez-Perales, J. (2020-12)
      Poincaré-Sobolev inequalities are very powerful tools in mathematical analysis which have been extensively used for the study of differential equations and their validity is intimately related with the geometry of the ...
    • Reverse Hölder Property for Strong Weights and General Measures 

      Luque, T.; Pérez, C.Autoridad BCAM; Rela, E. (2016-06-30)
      We present dimension-free reverse Hölder inequalities for strong $A^{\ast}_p$ weights, $1 \le p < \infty$. We also provide a proof for the full range of local integrability of $A^{\ast}_1$ weights. The common ingredient ...