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    • Fock-space approach to stochastic susceptible-infected-recovered models 

      Barros de Souza, D.; Araújo, H.; Duarte-Fillho, G.; Gaffney, E.; Nóbrega Santos, F.; Raposo, E. (2022-07-25)
      We investigate the stochastic susceptible-infected-recovered (SIR) model of infectious disease dynamics in the Fock-space approach. In contrast to conventional SIR models based on ordinary differential equations for the ...
    • Using discrete Ricci curvatures to infer COVID-19 epidemic network fragility and systemic risk 

      Barros de Souza, D.; Da Cunha, J.; Figueroa dos Santos, E.; Correia, J.; P. da Silva, H.; De Lima Filho, J.L.; Alburquerque, J.; Santos, F. (2021)
      The damage of the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is reaching unprecedented scales. There are numerous classical epidemiology models trying to quantify epidemiology metrics. Usually, to forecast epidemics, classical ...