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    • Multi-GGS groups have the congruence subgroup property 

      Garrido, A.; Uria-Albizuri, J. (2018-11-08)
      We generalize the result about the congruence subgroup property for GGS-groups to the family of multi-GGS-groups; that is, all multi-GGS-groups except the one defined by the constant vector have the congruence subgroup ...
    • Pro-C congruence properties for groups of rooted tree automorphisms 

      Garrido, A.; Uria-Albizuri, J. (2018-11-21)
      We propose a generalisation of the congruence subgroup problem for groups acting on rooted trees. Instead of only comparing the profinite completion to that given by level stabilizers, we also compare pro-$\mathcal{C}$ ...