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dc.contributor.authorPaszynski M.
dc.contributor.authorGurgul P.
dc.contributor.authorSieniek M.
dc.contributor.authorPardo D.
dc.description.abstractIn the first part of the paper we present the multi-scale simulation of the Step-and-Flash Imprint Lithography (SFIL), a modern patterning process. The simulation utilizes the hp adaptive Finite Element Method (hp-FEM) coupled with Molecular Statics (MS) model. Thus, we consider the multi-scale problem, with molecular statics applied in the areas of the mesh where the highest accuracy is required, and the continuous linear elasticity with thermal expansion coefficient applied in the remaining part of the domain. The degrees of freedom from macro-scale element's nodes located on the macro-scale side of the interface have been identified with particles from nano-scale elements located on the nano-scale side of the interface. In the second part of the paper we present Unified Modeling Language (UML) description of the resulting multi-scale application (hp-FEM coupled with MS). We investigated classical, procedural codes from the point of view of the object-oriented (O-O) programming paradigm. The discovered hierarchical structure of classes and algorithms makes the UML project as independent on the spatial dimension of the problem as possible. The O-O UML project was defined at an abstract level, independent on the programming language used.
dc.publisherIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
dc.subjectComputational mechanics
dc.subjectComputer simulation
dc.subjectCoupled circuits
dc.subjectDegrees of freedom (mechanics)
dc.subjectFinite element method
dc.subjectNanoimprint lithography
dc.subjectObject oriented programming
dc.subjectProblem oriented languages
dc.subjectThermal expansion
dc.subjectAdaptive finite element methods
dc.subjectHierarchical structures
dc.subjectMulti-scale simulation
dc.subjectMultiscale problem
dc.subjectPatterning process
dc.subjectProgramming paradigms
dc.subjectStep-and-flash imprint lithography
dc.subjectThermal expansion coefficients
dc.subjectUnified Modeling Language
dc.titleUnified modeling language description of the object-oriented multi-scale adaptive finite element method for step-and-flash imprint lithography simulations

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