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Lower and upper bounds for the first eigenvalue of nonlocal diffusion problems in the whole space18100
Estimation of age-specific rates of reactivation and immune boosting of the varicella zoster virus1009
Geometry and tool motion planning for curvature adapted CNC machining952
Time discrete wave equations: Boundary observability and control895
Studies on knot placement techniques for the geometry construction and the accurate simulation of isogeometric spatial curved beams768
Finite Element Simulations of Logging-While-Drilling and Extra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Measurements using Non-Fitting Grids760
Sparse bounds for pseudodifferential operators713
A splitting method for the augmented Burgers equation699
Design of Loss Functions for Solving Inverse Problems using Deep Learning684
Leveraging the performance of LBM-HPC for large sizes on GPUs using ghost cells672